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This account is the inofficial archive of futzi01, creator of flash games and animations inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

In May 2012, just a short time after the end of Season 2, a new brony joined the fandom, one who, unlike most MLP: FiM fanwork creators, did not specialize himself in drawings or fics, but rather in small animations and, most importantly, flash games.
He made his debut with "Dash", his first pony game, and since then, enriched the fandom with masterpieces like "Canterlot Siege" or "Equestria Games: The missing events".
Many amazing pony games were made by him, often even based on new episodes of MLP: FiM, and futzi01 always made his games in an unbelievable speed. Or, to quote Sethisto from Equestria Daily:

"futzi01 pumps out pony games as fast as Tumblr pumps out drama."

With this sheer tempo in making high-quality pony flash games, futzi01 was one of the most active members of the brony fandom.
Almost everyone in the fandom has heard from his games and at least played one of them, which showed in the statistics of the games he had uploaded, since they often achieved several 100,000 views!
While not exactly a pioneer of the brony fandom, futzi01 has become a legend over the years, having brightened the days of many bronies and pegasisters with his pony games.

Unfortunately, a few days ago, futzi01 has, without prior warning, deleted all of his games and animations, shut down his Deviantart account and disappeared from the fandom, for reasons unknown.
His sudden departure has left a hole in the fandom, as he was one of the most famous members and creators of it.
But not everything is hopeless. While he did take everything he ever created with him, nearly all of his creations could be recovered via Google Cache and the WaybackMachine. And this is what this archive is here for.

His creations could be saved from the data nirvana, alongside the original descriptions, preview pictures and even upload stats! Even many of the groups his creations were submitted to are still known, making it possible for his fans to find his work again.
His games and animations will be re-uploaded here, gradually, with the goal of creating a comprehensive archive of all of futzi01's work since he joined the fandom, so that everyone that fell in love with it will still be able to enjoy it.

futzi01 may be gone, but the legacy he created will live on in the walls of this account and continue to bring joy to those who adore his pony games and animations.
When I prepared uploading "Pinkie Jump" earlier, I discovered something important:

futzi01's work is not on Google Cache anymore. Visiting the cached pages only results in an error message by Google.
In case anyone is worried, this has nothing to do with futzi01 not approving of his work getting re-uploaded or him trying to prevent that his games can still get played or anything of that sort.
The way Google Cache works,Google regularly crawls existing web sites and updates the information in the cache with the infos it finds. It usually does this every day, or every few days if the website does not get updated very often anymore. But, if a website has been deleted, the crawlers Google uses crawl the deleted website anyway, which means, the information in Google Cache gets overwritten with the infos of the deleted site, resulting in the site disappearing from Google Cache as well.
Google Cache stores sites for up to a month by default, but if a deleted site gets crawled, they are immediately wiped from the Cache. This is what happened a few days ago with futzi01's work as I had to discover today.
Not very efficient for archiving sites, but Google is also not an archive, it is a search engine, so it keeps only relevant sites that still exist around. In hindsight, this was to expect at some point.
The Google Cache links have been removed from the descriptions of the uploads already and I notified about the changes, but I want to let you know about this in a journal entry as well.
But, even though Google has not cached his games and animations anymore, futzi01's work can still be viewed/played via the WaybackMachine, whose links are still included in the descriptions and will remain there.
I will also put this whole archive here into the WaybackMachine, including all the uploads (and you can do so, too, if you want!), once everything is here, so, there's no reason to worry about anything.
futzi01's great contributions will always be preserved in one way or another. I will upload more of his stuff very soon!
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  • Reading: Princess Cadance and The Spring Hearts Garden
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  • Playing: Legends of Equestria
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fallout152 Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Canterlot Siege 2 lastest version from Web Archive:…
MystalurDimensh Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Professional General Artist
Big THANK YOU for this account!! TT^TT
DragonMaster137 Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very much appreciated!!
DJ-Bleach Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017
Wishing him the best. He was a wonderful friend and a talented creator.
Keiichi72 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
Now I wish I had downloaded the games... Fudge ;-;
Is there really no one who did download all the files and keep them locally?
On that note; Futzi deleted them, but is fine with you working to repost them? I don't really get the logic here...
Philomena1009 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017
I've saved them all before futzi01's account disappeared:…
LunarIntercepterAce Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it ok if I download your files?  I really want to play all those games again.
Philomena1009 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
It definitely is.
ArterialBlack716 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
thank you so much for reuploading these! :) i'm watching you on this account, and on my other one Draagon711. as you upload more, i'll [hopefully] remember to add them to my favourites/collections on there again.
futzi01-Pony-Archive Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  New Deviant
And thank YOU for coming here! I had to take a little break from uploading here, but I'm going to continue now.
"Pinkie Jump", his fourth game, is up next!
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